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First Time Node Setup

Install Node/NPM. You may want to use a program like nvm (or nave or nodenv) to manage different versions of node.

To install Node with nvm:

git clone git:// ~/.nvm

Then add . ~/.nvm/ to your .bashrc or .profile file so that it runs everytime you create a new terminal (this is a drawback of using nvm). Next, to install Node type:

nvm install v0.8.8

This may take a while to compile and install. Once complete, check that it worked by typing node -v

Using Foreman: for parity with Heroku (where Open311Proxy will run) this repo contains a Procfile and .env file for use with Foreman (which is automatically installed when you install the Heroku Toolbelt). Then run foreman start to run the server as defined in the Procfile, or run distinct commands with foreman run COMMAND e.g. foreman run node server.js or foreman run jasmine-node spec/test.js.


Install the jasmine-node package globally with npm install -g jasmine-node. Note: jasmine-node appears to be poorly maintained/abandoned.

To run tests, enter:

jasmine-node spec --forceexit

the --forcexit option is necessary because we are testing the server process which will otherwise continue running.

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