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awesome-influxdb is a young awesome list and we're still figuring out how this list will grow. Here are some of the details we've figured out so far:

Making changes

To add an entry, please open a pull request (and please use a branch other than master for your source branch).

To remove an entry, please open an issue or pull request, being sure to explain why the entry should be removed.

For any other changes (fix spelling, formatting, etc.), please open an issue or pull request as appropriate.


  • Format entries as [entry name]( - description with no trailing punctuation
  • It's spelled InfluxDB, not Influxdb or influxdb
  • No trailing whitespace
  • Sub-lists are organized alphabetically, case-insensitive
  • Use one sentence per line for non-entry text, regardless of how long the sentence is
  • Clearly indicate official InfluxDB projects


When linking to a GitHub project, prefer the repo description at the top of the page as the description for the entry. If a project does not have a description, please use a neutral point of view when creating your own description.

When a description refers to a different tool besides InfluxDB, try to link to that tool to help make it easy for others to learn about those tools.

Entry criteria

Borrowing from Sindre Sorhus's awesome manifesto: this list attempts to be a curation, not a collection.

Some entries will be young projects because they are unique or otherwise awesome in some way, but in general, this list aims to curate stable, maintained, and actively developed projects.

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