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SQL DataSource for free LGPL SmartGWT
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This is a simple example custom SQL DataSOurce class that uses the sample web application that is provided with the free LGPL version of SmartGWT which is available at:

I set up an IntelliJ project with all of the dependencies. I wrote this up on my bog at:

You will need PostgreSQL setup and edit to set DB connection data. You need to also create the test table referred to in the code and add some test data to it something like:

id  | content |      title      |                uri
172 | 17662   |  Mark site      |
184 | 17663   |  OBama's Budget |

2017/04/18: NOTE: two people have reported that while this 6 year old example works using AppEngine (in dev mode), that they had problems running under Tomcat. We should probbly consider this example to be deprecated or “past it's sell by date.”

-Mark Watson

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