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Another chnge to convert code from beta AG 4 to released AG 4.

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1 parent 5e733f0 commit 0b77b88e03eca0f703e1ae6c75ab20aec2331023 @mark-watson committed
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  1. BIN lib/agraph-4.0m2.jar
  2. +3 −4 src/com/knowledgebooks/rdf/
BIN lib/agraph-4.0m2.jar
Binary file not shown.
7 src/com/knowledgebooks/rdf/
@@ -5,17 +5,14 @@
import org.openrdf.model.Statement;
import org.openrdf.model.URI;
import org.openrdf.model.Value;
-import org.openrdf.model.vocabulary.RDF;
import org.openrdf.query.BindingSet;
import org.openrdf.query.QueryLanguage;
import org.openrdf.query.TupleQuery;
import org.openrdf.query.TupleQueryResult;
-import org.openrdf.repository.Repository;
import org.openrdf.repository.RepositoryResult;
import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;
-import java.util.Set;
* Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
@@ -174,7 +171,9 @@ public void addTriple(String subject, URI predicate, Literal object) throws Exce
public void registerFreetextPredicate(String predicate) throws Exception {
- conn.registerFreetextPredicate(valueFactory.createURI(predicate));
+ //conn.registerFreetextPredicate(valueFactory.createURI(predicate));
+ // NOTE: you would want to change this in any sort of production code:
+ conn.createFreetextIndex("index"+System.currentTimeMillis(), new URI[]{valueFactory.createURI(predicate)});
//if (Triple.RDF_LOCATION == null) Triple.RDF_LOCATION = location;

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