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= Companion software examples for the book "Practical Semantic Web Programming (Java, Scala, Clojure, and JRuby Edition)"
-This book is currently (March 2010) a work in progress and will be released around June 2010 as a print book (, a paid for PDF file (, and a free (identical) PDF file.
+You can get the free PDF of this book on my Open Content web page
-You can get the free PDF on my Open Content web page A partially complete (about 155 pages) PDF is now available.
+You can order a print book (or a paid for PDF) from Lulu:
All of the book software examples that I wrote are licensed using the AGPL license. Additionally, if you purchase either the PDF or print book then you can, if you want to do so, use the book example software under the terms of the license in the file commerciallicense.txt

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