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A collection of property editors for the Umbraco CMS. Recommended version of Umbraco is 7.4.0+.
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Umbraco Property Editors

This serves as a collection of custom property editors created for the Umbraco CMS.

Tags Improved

This property editor is a duplicate of the regular Tags in Umbraco. The improvements include:

  1. Clicking the title will allow you to edit a tag. Before any click on the tag, close to the (x) or not, would cause the tag to simply be removed without warning.
  2. Hovering close to the (x) will change the color of the button to red as a visual indicator that you are about to remove the tag.

Textbox Improved and Textarea Improved

These property editors are duplicates of the regular Textbox and Textarea in Umbraco, but allows you to set a maximum character count. As you type text in the field the counter will countdown to 0 and not allow further entry.


Blog Post: Character Counts in Umbraco.

Code Related Things / Suggestions / Etc

Have suggestions or issues with the property editros? Please add something to the issue tracker. You can also contact me directly through social media.

Are you looking for an Umbraco Certified Developer? Hire The Scylla Group.

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