Sublime Text snippets for the Jeet grid system
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Jeet Snippets

Sublime Text snippets for the Jeet grid system


Using Package Control:

  • Open the Command Palette
  • Package Control: Install Package
  • Search for Jeet Snippets
  • Install


Type a Trigger below and press tab. The snippet will be inserted with the highlighted text highlighted.

These triggers work anywhere in a .styl or .scss file.

Trigger Stylus SCSS
alb align(both) @include align(both);
alh align(horizontal) @include align(horizontal);
alv align(vertical) @include align(vertical);
cen center() @include center();
cf cf() @include cf();
col column(1/3) @include column(1/3);
cg column-gutter(1/3) @include column-gutter(1/3);
cw column-width(1/3) @include column-width(1/3);
edit edit(black) @include edit(black);
sh shift(1/3) @include shift(1/3);
span span(1/3) @include span(1/3);
stack stack() @include stack();
uncen uncenter() @include uncenter();
uns unshift() @include unshift();
unstack unstack() @include unstack();

These triggers work only as arguments inside the functions/mixins above.

Trigger Stylus SCSS
align align: center $align: center
cs col_or_span: column $col_or_span: column
cyc cycle: 3 $cycle: 3
gut gutter: 3 $gutter: 3
mw max_width: 100px $max_width: 100px
off offset: 1/3 $offset: 1/3
pad pad: 100px $pad: 100px
unc uncycle: 3 $uncycle: 3