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nMQTT, an MQTT v3 Implementation

Welcome to the nMQTT .Net MQTT Library. You can find a quickstart here

Build Server

There is a TeamCity build server which provides CI builds. The build currently runs on Ubuntu/Mono(v2) both because it's simpler and cheaper to maintain. This also has the side benefit of finding any filename case bugs which can cause issues with builds under mono on linux.

Getting Source

The source for nMQTT is on github.

If you don't have Git on your machine, visit git and grab a copy for your platform, or simply install the github client for Windows or Mac.

You can get a local copy by issuing the following command from your terminal.

git clone git:// nmqtt

This command will clone a copy of the source to a new directory, "nmqtt" under your current working directory.

Build Source

On Windows

Install the .Net SDK and run msbuild against your chosen sln file. or Run Visual Studio, load your chosen sln file.

On Mac OS X or Linux

  1. Install the latest Xamarin Studio
  2. Load your chosen sln file into Xamarin Studio and build.

Running Unit Tests

The unit tests for nMqtt are written using the xUnit framework.

The xUnit framework test runners run on both the .Net Framework and Mono platform (To run on mono prefix the xunit runner executables with mono, then issue your command line as normal (ie. the path to the nMQTTTests.dll assembly)

Pull Requests

Please issue pull requests if you have additions or changes or bug fixes you would like to see in the main branch.


An implementation of the MQTT v3 protocol on the .Net and Mono platforms.







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