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Sublime Text 2: codefoo plugin

This plugin helps you in retrieving code snippet from web

Do not leave the browser simply get in 3 easy steps

  1. type the query
  2. select
  3. press ctrl+alt+r

try with these query

  • email validation regex
  • url validation in javascript
  • reversing a string in javascript
  • Slide To Unlock CSS

Code Foo Demo Demo Screencast


Package Control

The easiest way to install this is with Package Control.

  • If you just went and installed Package Control, you probably need to restart Sublime Text 2 before doing this next bit.
  • Bring up the Command Palette (Command+Shift+p on OS X, Control+Shift+p on Linux/Windows).
  • Select "Package Control: Install Package" (it'll take a few seconds)
  • Select codefoo when the list appears.

Package Control will automatically keep Git up to date with the latest version.

Key Mapping

it is alt+ctrl+r by default.. you can change :P


yet to be done