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ts stands for "time sheet" or "time slips", after Sage Timeslips (though ts is not related to Sage).


ts generates a timesheet in a format intended to be simple to pass to a program like gnuplot, so that eventually you can visualize your work data, realize how long you sit in front of your computer, etc.


ts is intended to be used at work. While at work, I might issue commands as follows:

$ ts in
17:40		*in*
$ ts overhead
17:43	[00:03]	overhead
$ ts out
17:43		*out*

Viewing the log

To view today's timesheet, execute ts -l or ts -l 1. The result should look like the following:

# Wed 06/01/11
13:35		*in*
13:44	[00:09]	overhead
15:11	[01:27]	www-migration
15:23	[00:12]	overhead
16:13	[00:50]	proj-mgmt
17:28	[01:15]	www-migration
17:39	[00:11]	portal-apps
17:42	[00:03]	overhead
17:43		*out*	

Summing hours

Similarly, to sum today's hours spent on individual tasks, execute ts -s or ts -s 1:

# Wed 06/01/11
00:11	portal-apps
00:24	overhead
00:50	proj-mgmt
02:42	www-migration

Viewing and summing past days

Executing ts -n will print the days in the timesheet, prefixed with a number to pass to the ts -l and ts -s commands. The most recent day is numbered 1:

     5	# Fri 05/20/11
     4	# Mon 05/23/11
     3	# Wed 05/25/11
     2	# Fri 05/27/11
     1	# Wed 06/01/11

Given the above information, if I wanted to see the timesheet for Friday, May 20, I would execute ts -l 5.


  • ts is a Bash shell script. Everything written in shell script feels like a hack. Granted I chose this in part to remind myself how to use awk and other Unix tools, but it might make sense for me to port this to a more reasonable language later.
  • Add output to gnuplot features.


Now includes derivative coffee script to keep track of how much caffeine you pump into your system and when. :-)

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