A simple web app for storing encrypted login/password details.
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About Vault

Vault is a very simple ASP.NET MVC web application for storing encrypted personal login details (usernames, passwords etc). It uses the Passpack Host-Proof Hosting package to do all encryption and decryption on the client and avoid passing vulnerable plain-text data to the server.

Although all data is encrypted before transmission over HTTP, as an extra precaution this application should always be used over an SSL-encrypted connection.

Please Note: Due to the use of the native window.atob and window.btoa functions, Vault only works in Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer 10+.

External Libraries/Dependencies


You can filter credential search results by using query prefixes. Currently available prefixes are:

  • username:XXXX: shows all credentials where username matches XXXX
  • password:XXXX: shows all credentials where password matches XXXX
  • description:XXXX: shows all credentials where description matches XXXX
  • url:XXXX: shows all credentials where URL matches XXXX
  • filter:weak: shows all credentials where the password strength is lower than the weak password threshold
  • filter:all: shows all credentials