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Anypaste is a file sharing site aggregator for *nix-like systems (Mac, Linux, BSD, etc). It uses the mime type of a file to automatically detect compatible hosting sites. For example, if you run anypaste something.jpg, it will get uploaded to tinyimg.io, an image hosting site. If you run anypaste something.m4v, it will get uploaded to SendVid, a video hosting site. More information about Anypaste can be found on the official website: anypaste.xyz.



Anypaste is just a shell script. It's hosted at https://anypaste.xyz/sh. A quick command to install it is: sudo curl -o /usr/bin/anypaste https://anypaste.xyz/sh && sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/anypaste.

Basic Usage Examples

  • anypaste file.jpg: Upload file.jpg, automatically selecting the plugin (standard usage).
  • anypaste file.jpg file.m4v: Upload multiple files, with automatic plugin selection for both.
  • anypaste -p gfycat file.m4v: Upload file.m4v; use a plugin containing gfycat in its name (manual plugin selection).
  • anypaste -l: List all plugins/sites.
  • anypaste -l file.m4v: List all plugins/sites compatible with file.m4v.
  • anypaste -t private launch-codes.txt: Upload launch-codes.txt to a "private" site (URLs are not publicly listed).
  • anypaste -f -p gfycat something.tar.gz: Upload something.tar.gz with gfycat, even though gfycat is not compatible (override compatibility checks).
  • anypaste some-directory: Upload some-directory, a compressed tarball will automatically be created (.tar.gz)


Documentation, and the list of plugins can be found on the Anypaste website. The website is open source and can be contributed to in its GitHub repo.


Please, make some plugins so we can support more sites! If the plugins seem good enough, I may even make them built-in plugins! Additionally, PRs to improve "Anypaste Core" are also welcome.