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Google Homepage Re-creation

From The Odin Project's curriculum

What this project is:

A project to recreate the look of the google homepage. It is intended as a first foray into building something from scratch using HTML/CSS. The resultant webpage is not intended to be functional, just aesthetically similar.

What I learnt:

  • Definitely began to feel a sense of comfort with the HTML/CSS workflow and concepts, such as the distinction between HTML & CSS and what they are each capable of each doing.
  • I also found the color picker tool in the Chrome Dev Tools, which was tremendously helpful.
  • I made the apps button from scratch with just HTML and CSS (using what I learnt from the Android logo project).
  • I was surprised at the depth of CSS selectors and what can be achieved with them. Particularly, how a rule have mouse hover of one element change the appearance of another. This was used to make the apps button, which was composed of inner divs to hold the individual squares, change color on mouse-over.
  • I should have used a CSS-reset to start with, but at least I now understand the importance of using one.
  • Finally, I need to focus on incorporating git commits into my workflow in the next project, with the eventual goal of nice atomic committing.
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