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Sendy plugin for PencilBlue

A PencilBlue plugin to create Sendy email campaigns from articles

Configuration Settings

For information about the Sendy API including where to find your API Key, List ID and Brand ID, view the Create Campaign documentation here.

The plugin makes the following settings available:

  • Sendy Server Hostname
    • The hostname or IP address of your Sendy server
    • This field is required
  • Use HTTPS
    • True to connect to your Sendy server on port 443 using HTTPS
    • False to connect to your Sendy server on port 80 using HTTP
  • API Key
    • The API key for your Sendy account
    • This field is required
  • From Name
    • The name to show in the campaign email's "From" field
  • From Email
    • The email address to use to send the campaign email
    • This needs to be an email address or domain that you have verified in SES
  • Reply To
    • The "Reply To" email address used in the campaign emails
  • List IDs
    • The ID(s) of one or more list you wish to send the campaign to
  • Brand ID
    • The Sendy brand you wish to create the campaign under
  • Query String
    • eg. Google Analytics tags
    • See "Query String" in Sendy documentation
  • Read More
    • True to send truncated articles in campaign emails, with a "Read More" link
    • False to send the entire article contents in the campaign email


Once the plugin is installed and configured you will find a new email icon next to each published article in the Pencil Blue admin UI when viewing Content->Articles. Clicking the email icon will result in a prompt to create a new Sendy email campaign from the selected article.


The plugin comes with a basic email template. Override the file templates/sendy/email.html in your site's theme to control the layout of the campaign emails generated by this plugin. In addition to the values made available by the base PencilBlue template service, such as site_name the following values are made available within the email template:

  • headline - The article headline
  • content - The HTML content of the article


  • Currently only works with PencilBlue version 0.5.0
  • Will not work well alongside any other plugin that overrides the manage_articles.html template.
  • Does not work with the default PencilBlue site theme since it is not possible to override manage_articles.html when the default theme is the active theme.


A PencilBlue plugin to create Sendy email campaigns from articles








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