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Custom plugin for the Evangelical Magazine website.
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Custom WordPress plugin for the Evangelical Magazine website. Provided here as a help to other developers who are creating WordPress sites for print magazines. This plugin adds Custom Post Types for articles, authors, issues, reviews, sections and series, plus with dozens of helpful methods. It's compatible with the Instant Articles for WP plugin, and is designed to be used in conjunction with the EvangelicalMagazineTheme.


  • The plugin supports articles, authors, issues, reviews, series and sections
  • Articles can have multiple authors and be part of multiple sections
  • Integrates with Google Analytics API to calculate trending articles
  • Integrates with Facebook API to display article likes

Google Analytics integration

The plugin (optionally) uses Google Analytics data to calculate the most viewed articles. To configure this:

  1. Download the latest version of
  2. Extract the src and vendor folders, and place them in libraries/google-api-client
  3. Open google-api-credentials_sample.json and follow the instructions there.
  4. The sub-folder vendor/google/apiclient-services is not required, and can be deleted to conserve space and simplify debugging.

If Google Analytics is not configured, the plugin will default to its own simple statistics.


Admin page


No support is offered for this plugin. It was not created with distribution in mind, has no user-configurable options and although it may work out of the box in another context (so long as you edit classes/fb_access_tokens_sample.php), it's intended to be forked. It's published here purely as a help to other developers (particularly those working for non-profits) who need something similar and want to minimize development time.


This plugin is developed and copyrighted by Mark Barnes and licenced under GPLv3.

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