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Source code for the Programming in CoffeeScript book.
CoffeeScript JavaScript Ruby
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Programming in CoffeeScript

This repository contains all of the source code for the book, Programming in CoffeeScript. As I write the book this repository will be updated with any changes, additions, subtractions, etc... that come along.

The book can be purchaseed pretty much anywhere you can buy books, both in print and eBook formats (ePUB, MOBI, PDF).

Here's where you can find a comprehensive list of those places:

About The Author
Part 1: Core CoffeeScript
  Chapter 1: Getting Started
    The CoffeeScript REPL
    In-Browser Compilation
    Command Line Compilation
    The CoffeeScript CLI
  Chapter 2: The Basics
    Scope and Variables
    String Interpolation, Heredocs, and Comments
    Extended Regular Expressions
  Chapter 3: Control Structures
    Operators and Aliases
    Switch/Case Statements
  Chapter 4: Functions and Arguments
    Function Basics
    Default Arguments
  Chapter 5: Collections and Iterations
    Loops and Iteration
    The `do` Keyword
  Chapter 6: Classes
    Defining Classes
    Defining Functions
    The `constructor` function
    Scope in Classes
    Extending Classes
    Class-level Functions
    Prototype Functions
    Binding (-> vs. =>)
Part 2: CoffeeScript in Practice
  Chapter 7: Cake and Cakefiles
    Getting Started
    Creating Cake Tasks
    Running Cake Tasks
    Using Options
    Invoking Other Tasks
  Chapter 8: Testing with Jasmine
    Installing Jasmine
    Setting up Jasmine
    Introduction to Jasmine
    Unit Testing
    Before and After
    Custom Matchers
  Chapter 9: Intro to Node.js
    What is Node.js?
    Installing Node
    Getting Started
    Streaming Responses
    Building a CoffeeScript Server
    Trying Out the Server
  Chapter 10: Example: Todo List Part 1 (Server-side)
    Installing and Setting up Express
    Setting up MongoDB using Mongoose
    Writing the Todo API
    Querying with Mongoose
  Chapter 11: Example: Todo List Part 2 (Client-side w/ jQuery)
    Priming the HTML with Twitter Bootstrap
    Interacting with jQuery
    Hooking up the New Todo Form
    Cleaning up the Todo List with Underscore.js Templates
    Listing Existing Todos
    Updating Todos
    Deleting Todos
  Chapter 12: Example: Todo List Part 3 (Client-side w/ Backbone.js)
    What is Backbone.js?
    Setting up Backbone.js
    Writing our Todo Model and Collection
    Listing Todos using a View
    Creating New Todos
    A View Per Todo
    Updating and Validating Models from Views
    Deleting Models from Views
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