An init similar to Rails.init but for Rack apps (i.e. Rack.init) #35

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I like using configatron with rails, but more often these days I don't have a rails app but a rack app instead (e..g sinatra), however I still like to use the same configuration file structure. So, just a quick patch to add Configatron::Rack.init. Works exactly the same as its Rails counterpart if you call from for example.

skorks added some commits Sep 27, 2012
@skorks skorks Adds rack init
Using with rails is great, but sometimes you don't have rails
but still want to the goodness.
@skorks skorks Adds test for config file loading in Rack
Also a .rspec file for 'nicer' test output. As well as that since
Rails and Rack init have a lot of commonality, extracts out a
module that actually does the file loading, what remains is for
Rail and Rack init to just set up the base_dir and env.
@skorks skorks Merge branch 'master' of
@skorks skorks Rvmrc 0ffacf7

Sorry about no one having gotten to your PR (I'm going back and cleaning up our open ones). This is a reasonable idea. If you update it for the current version, I'd be happy to do a review with you and get it merged.


(Going to close for now, but happy to re-open given an update.)

@gdb gdb closed this Jun 25, 2014
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