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We use configatron extensively in our Rails apps and very much like its simplicity and flexibility, but have been bitten on a few occasions by missing/misconfigured mandatory environment configuration parameters (e.g. a URL to access an external service). Rather than failing fast you get more difficult to trace runtime failures when the Configatron::Store instance returned is used as a URL. Being environment specific, this is also the kind of thing your tests don't tend to pick up.

Yes you can manually check if a given parameter is configured at runtime before using it, but this just makes it more convenient by simply appending a bang when the parameter must be there.


I have no idea why the 1.9.2 Travis CI build failed - I don't get those spec failures locally using 1.9.2


Very useful change, would like to see this in configatron 3!


An improved version of this is in 3.0.0.rc2

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