Controlling the new IKEA hydroponics DIY vertical growing stuff
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##Project to control IKEA hydroponics Krydda/ Växer

Planned items

Control growth with microcontroller/ embedded system and sensors (light, humidity, temperature, CO2, water level etc.) utilizing automated lighting and water refill with the new IKEA Krydda/ Växer system.


######Light sensor (BH1750FVI)######

Monitors the amount of light the plants accumulate over the day. To save energy in the future I will only switch on the lights as long as necessary if ambient light (sunlight) is available. You can find an example sketch and the library for BH1750FVI here. The light sensor on a breakout board is available on Ebay, AliExpress etc.

BH1750FVI connected to an ESP8266 (ESP-12) breadboard adapter board (see my project ESP8266 breadboard adapter board)

BH1750FVI breadboard setup with ESP8266 Sensors on cultivation unit

######Temperature and humidity sensor Sensirion SHT21######

Monitors the actual environment values of temperature and humidity. Might be helpful if one of the values gets out of the comfort envelope for the plants. You can find an example sketch and the library for SHT21 here. The sensor on a breakout board is available on Ebay, AliExpress etc.

Firmware sketch for ESP8266 with web dashboard on

To monitor your cultivation unit from local/ everywhere I wrote a sketch to both send the actual values via the serial port and to which is a nice web service for displaying data in the internet (of things).

Demo-Dashboard of my Krydda system dashboard

You can get more information on how to set up your own dashboard on here

Pictures from the seed and growth

Parsley Pak Choi Chard White cabbage Rocket Large-leaved chicory Curled-leaved endive Parsley Watercress Basil

Day 0 (initial seed)

Initial seed day 0

Day 3

Seed day 3

Day 6 (Parsley looks like it's dead seed) Parsley needs much more time to germinate - RTFM! (about 14 days)

Seed day 6

Day 0 (in a new home) Seedlings moved to cultivation unit

Cultivation day 0

Day 12 in cultivation unit Cultivation day 12 Cultivation day 12

Day 30 in cultivation unit Cultivation day 30 Chicory, endive, parsley and basil almost ready to harvest!