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A RepoLinter Docker image to lint my open source projects.

If you want to do the same then just fork the GitHub repo, change the repolint.json file in the src directory as appropriate and create your own Docker image.

More details about the Docker image that this image is based on can be found at docker-repolint. If you have any problems or suggestions then please raise them there.

And if you have other best practices that you want to share then please raise them here, through the issue-tracker. Thanks!

The Ruleset

For a list of possible rules, see Default ruleset.

All languages

These rules are from the base RepoLinter ruleset:

These rules have been added:


Fails if there isn't a file matching .editorconfig in the root of the target directory. For details of this file see EditorConfig.


Fails if .vscode or *.sublime-* files are in the target directory.