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NOTE! This project is out of date, but I'm keeping it up for posterity. The best way to split your coins nowadays is to get some already-split dust and use the official Electron Cash (on BCH) and/or ElectrumSV (on BSV). New users should avoid using this version due to phishing vulnerabilities in Electron Cash that have appeared in the last few months. Cheers! -Mark

This is an augmented version of Electron Cash with added coin splitter functionality, based on OP_CHECKDATASIG.

Usage guide:

Release files:

  • Electron.Cash-3.3.1CS.tar.gz and .zip : source distributions with included packages.
  • Electron.Cash-3.3.1CS.exe : standalone windows executable.
  • Electron.Cash-3.3.1CS-portable.exe : standalone windows executable (portable mode).
  • Electron-Cash-3.3.1CS-macosx.dmg : MacOS.
  • Electron-Cash-3.3.1CS-macosx.dmg.sig : PGP signature from Calin Culianu (dmg builder).
  • SHA256SUMS.txt.asc : PGP-signed message from me indicating proper file checksums.

PGP keys can be found on the EC repo.

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