A simple audio synthesizer for iOS devices using libpd as the audio engine. Developed by students at Waterford Institute of Technology.
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ENTSynth (Extremely Noisy Thing) intends to be a ongoing project for the Audio Technology students of BSc (Hons) Entertainment Systems at Waterford Institute of Technology.

Initally, the plan is to develop a simple touch synthesizer for iOS devices, using libpd as the sound engine. After that, we will add functionality to it each semester.

At present, the team consists of 
Rob O'Connor (Supervisor) 
Mark Brennan
Morgan Carparelli
Michael O'Reilly

We intend to release a stable version of ENTSynth by June 2012 (or thereabouts).

22/03/2012 - ROC
Moved ENTSynth from roboconnor personal repository to EntSysCoders organisation repo

22/03/2912 - ROC
Added libpd as a git submodule

21/03/2012 - ROC
Updated source code to include useful comments.

20/03/2012 - ROC
Added initial Xcode project with simple PD patch