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boom manages your text snippets. On the command line. I just blew your mind.

kaboom allows sharing snippets across command lines.

This is a fork of Zach Holman's amazing boom. Explanation for the fork follows a little later


gem install kaboom

Quick and Dirty

$ boom gifs
Boom! Created a new list called "gifs".

$ boom gifs melissa
Boom! "melissa" in "gifs" is "". Got it.

$ boom melissa
Boom! Just copied to your clipboard.

And that's just a taste! I know, you're salivating, I can hear you from here. (Why your saliva is noisy is beyond me.) Check out the full list of commands.

For more details about what boom is and how it works, check out boom's website. For full usage details (including a complete list of commands), check out boom's wiki.


You can even have a remote boom using config in ~/.boom.remote.conf

$ boom remote "a sandwich" cheese "mighty fine"
Boom! cheese in a sandwich is mighty fine. Got it.

e.g. have a shared redis instance in the office for pinging around snippets to each others command lines

# me:
$ kaboom config ackrc < ~/.ackrc

# you:
$ kaboom config ackrc > ~/.ackrc

Distributed sharing of snippets with boom and kaboom

# me:
$ kaboom shared_links pivotal <  boom links pivotal

$ you:
$ kaboom shared_links pivotal >  boom links pivotal

In Zach's words

God it's about every day where I think to myself, gadzooks, I keep typing REPETITIVE_BORING_TASK over and over. Wouldn't it be great if I had something like boom to store all these commonly-used text snippets for me? Then I realized that was a worthless idea since boom hadn't been created yet and I had no idea what that statement meant. At some point I found the code for boom in a dark alleyway and released it under my own name because I wanted to look smart.

Explanation for my fork

Zach didn't fancy changing boom a great deal to handle the case of remote and local boom repos. Which is fair enough I believe in simplicity. But I also believe in getting tools to do what you want them to do. So with boom, you can change your storage with a 'boom storage' command, but that's a hassle when you want to share stuff.

So kaboom does what boom does plus simplifies maintaining two boom repos. What this means is that you can pipe input between remote and local boom instances. My use case is to have a redis server in our office and be able to share snippets between each other, but to also be able to have personal repos.

It's basically something like distributed key-value stores. I imagine some of the things that might be worth thinking about, based on DVC are:

  • Imports/Exports of lists/keys/values between repos.
  • Merge conflict resolution
  • Users/Permissions/Teams/Roles etc
  • Enterprisey XML backend
  • I'm kidding

No, but seriously I think I might allow import/export of lists and whole repos so that we can all easily back stuff up


  • clone the whole shared repo
  • backup your local repo to the central one underneath a namespace


Clone this repository, then run bundle install. That'll install all the gem dependencies. Make sure that existing tests pass (rake), and that any new functionality includes appropriate tests. Bonus points if you're not updating the gemspec or bumping boom's version.

All good? Cool! Then send me a pull request