Base Building Blocks is a base theme for Drupal 7.x. It allows you to quickly and efficiently rip out excellent custom themes, making use of the best front-end technologies today has to offer, such as Twitter Bootstrap, Modernizr, responsive layout, etc.
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Organized. Modern. Fast.

Base Building Blocks makes use of Drupal's .css and .js aggregation, and organizes it's files intuitively so that large, hard-to-manage Drupal application themes become easy to wrangle, and DRY code becomes easily manageable. At the end of the day, you can aggregate those files so your application stays lean and mean. :)

	<p>Powerful code libraries such as <a target="_blank" href="">Twitter Bootstrap</a> and <a target="_blank" href="">Modernizr</a> are included in Base Buidling Blocks, making it easy for you to build up-to-date, compliment demanding themes for your Drupal websites! Extra steps have been taken to make sure that default Drupal elements make use of these libraries properly.</p>

<div class="span6">
	<h2>HTML5 Awesomeness.</h2>
	<p>Everybody should be using HTML5. That's why Base Building Blocks, from the doctype to the meta charset tag, forces Drupal to be HTML5.</p>
	<p>Proper DOM structure in a site is rare. In Base Building Blocks, DOM structure is a big deal, and kosher html markup is the name of the game. You won't find any crazily over-done section tags or any out-of-control asides. Everything is perfect. If it's not, <a target="_blank" href="">fork and edit!</a></p>

Features. Packages. Pure Shnazzz.

Modals, menus, buttons, forms, tables, code, icons. What more could you ask for? Each aspect of Drupal has been Bootstrap-ized. All these features are right at your fingertips... but wait, too much you say?

	<p>Each JS and LESS aspect of Bootstrap has been put in it's individual file, so you can turn it on or off as you please. It's as simple as commenting out less files or scripts in the <code></code> or <code>bootstrap.less</code> files.</p>
<div class="span6">
	<h2>Administration Amazingness.</h2>
	<p>If you are using Drupal to build Applications, having an intuitive, beautiful administration interface for your client or user base is essential. Base Building Blocks makes it simple to accomplish this. The administration interface has been styled to a basic level (Autocompletes, throbber, and admin layouts). It's ready for your pizazzification.</p>

Mobileness. Responsiveness.

Base Building Blocks makes use of Twitter Bootstrap, which means that right off the griddle your site will be responsive-able, making it a friend of all mobile users. The IOS orientation overflow fix is also included, so you no longer need to worry about crazy stuff happening for IOS users switching from portrait to landscape. More small features such as Apple Touch Icons for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad (retina and non-retina) and a simple structure for your @media queries are incorporated as well, so making your site completely mobile-happy is easy.

Backwards Compatableness

Supporting old browsers may be a serious pain, but it's important! Base Building Blocks detects the old crotchety browsers, and adds IE7, IE8, and IE9 classes to the html tag so you can write your css to accomodate those old prunes.

Another thing I've added is the IE Edge and Chrome Frame meta tag. :) Of course, for development and IE testing that's not always a good thing, so there's a setting in the theme to turn that off.


Accessible Alchemy.

Everybody loves the web, and everybody uses it, including the visually impaired. That's why Base Building Blocks, out of the box, includes important Aria role attributes so that impaired users can easily navigate your content and enjoy your Drupal applications and websites.

Icon Incredibleness.

Buttons need icons. It's that simple. Base Building Blocks comes with Fort Awesome. What?!?! yep. By adding simple classes to an element, you can icon-ize all your buttons, and sections. It even includes Social Media icons! All at the tip of your fingers...


  • Modernizr: MIT/BSD license
  • jQuery: MIT/GPL license
  • Normalize.css: Public Domain
  • Bootstrap: Apache 2.0 license