Docker image for ChucK rendering as a service
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Docker Automated build

Docker image for ChucK rendering as a service with .wav to .m4a conversion with FFMPEG.


  1. Install Docker: brew cask install docker
  2. Launch from the Applications folder to complete installation
  3. Clone this repository: git clone
  4. Go into the directory: cd chuck-renderer
  5. Build the image: . ./
  6. Any time you make changes you can stop the old image and rebuild the new one by running: . ./

ID is now set to the container id of the image and docker ps will show the chuck-renderer running:

~ echo $ID
~ docker ps
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE               COMMAND                   PORTS 
0b40c14f68de        chuck-renderer      "thin -R -p">9000/tcp

How to do stuff:

  • The local server in server/app.rb can be accessed with a browser by visiting
  • Accessing displays the debug console.
  • The image can be stopped with docker stop $ID. docker ps will list container ids if $ID is incorrect for some reason.
  • Logs can be access with docker logs $ID.
  • To get shell access to the running image: sudo docker exec -i -t $ID /bin/bash. Type exit in this shell to exit.