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An introductory project to warm-up with Java in preparation for using the Evernote Java SDK
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Sample code that illustrates the basics of Java and includes some (very) basic objects that are similar to objects in the Evernote Java SDK. This code was developed and used for an Evernote workshop to introduce non-engineer Evernote employees from around the world to the Evernote API. For some basic sample code that actually uses the Evernote API see the javanote repository.

For more information on the Evernote SDK, visit the Evernote Developer Center. Evernote is also hiring so check out the Evernote Careers page; let me know if you have any questions about working at Evernote!


  • Code Academy has a Java course designed for beginners that takes about 4 hours to complete.
  • Coursera has plenty of courses on Java in multiple languages. Pick one that caters to beginner programmers.
  • The Java Tutorials by Oracle has a bunch of info on Java fundamentals.
  • Tips for Aspiring Programmers is a blog post I wrote for people who are interested in programming. The post includes mostly high-level guidance.
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