The VVOSC library prepared for the iOS environment
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The VVOSC library prepared for the iOS environment

This project borrows from the vvopensource projected hosted here. The code was altered and put into a simpler project that allows for quickly building only the VVOSC component of the library (contains only the VVOSC component and its dependency, VVBasics).


If you just want to use VVOSC in your iPhone project

  1. Drag VVOSC/include and VVOSC/libVVOSC.a into your Xcode project

  2. Add the -ObjC and -all_load linker flags to your target. This is because of how iOS loads categories which are used in VVOSC. More info here

  3. Use VVOSC!

If you want to compile the library it yourself

  1. Open VVOSC.xcodeproj

  2. Select your scheme (Debug or Release)

  3. Build the library for iOS device and iOS simulator

  4. The libraries will be put into a subdirectory of ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData

  5. Navigate to the Build/Products directory where you should see folders that look like {BUILD_SCHEME}-{TARGET} (e.g. Release-iphoneos)

  6. Use lipo -create to combine the device and simulator libraries into one

    lipo -create Release-iphoneos/libVVOSC.a Release-iphonesimulator/libVVOSC.a -output libVVOSC.a
  7. Drag the header files and newly created libVVOSC.a into your project

  8. Use VVOSC!

You want to use the source directly in your project

  1. Drag the contents of VVOSC/include and VVOSC/src into your project

  2. If your project is ARC-enabled, you will need to add the compiler flag, -fno-objc-arc, to disable automatic reference counting for all files in VVOSC/VVBasics

  3. Use VVOSC!


Original code by the creators of VVOSC is hosted here

Documentation on VVOSC, including great coverage of data structures, can be found here


If anyone finds issues with the instructions, please feel free to open an issue and I'll take a look as soon as I can.


Huge kudos to the contributors of vvopensource who did all the hard work writing these awesome libraries. I hope this project will help others get VVOSC into their iOS apps a bit easier! :)