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Director of Product, <a href="">edX</a><br />
- Associate Professor <a href="">Olin College</a><br />
- Advisor <a href="">Boston Startup School</a><br />
- Creative Technologist <a href="">Boston Globe Lab</a>
+ Associate Professor, <a href="">Olin College</a><br />
+ Advisor, <a href="">Boston Startup School</a><br />
+ Creative Technologist, <a href="">Boston Globe Lab</a>
I help lead the development of the technology and platform at edX. I am on leave from <a href="">Olin College</a>, where I taught at the intersection of design, engineering, and entrepreneurship. I sometimes make stuff at <a href="">The Globe Lab</a>, and enjoy mentoring startups. I am an advisor for <a href="">Boston Startup School</a>, a new educational experience for college graduates interested in entering the startup workforce</a>.

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