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A way to time what you are doing.
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A way to time what you are doing.

Task Timer is a tool for people who need to keep track of the time they spend on daily tasks.

It is specifically designed with context switching in mind, so that it is easy to switch the timer from one task to another with a minimum of fuss.

Use it here

How to use

  • Add a timer
  • Click to change the title of your timer.
  • Repeat for as many timers as you need.
  • Drag them about to put them in an order that makes sense to you.
  • Simply click on a timer to activate it.
  • The stop button stops all timers.
  • A timer can be deleted at any point.
  • Timers can be merged together (click merge button, then choose target timer).
  • Total tracked time can be displayed/updated.
  • Time can be shifted from one timer to another. Click time shift button, set time value and click target timer.
  • Freeze timers, e.g. that you're finished with but are not ready to delete, so that you cannot accidentally fire them up again.
  • Titles and description fields now have autocomplete. Autocomplete will make suggestions based upon your previous entries. Click a suggestion to use it.
  • You can turn on a chime which will fire every time any timer passes an incremental threshold, e.g. 15 minutes. NB this works best in an active browser tab.

Known Issues

This project is still enjoying ongoing development so the javascript does still need to be optimised and minified.

In Chrome the chime will not work in an inactive tab.


  • more system messages
  • fix title highlight behaviour after initial click
  • saved timer sets. Load up a set of saved timers at the start of the day.
  • tabular view
  • labels
  • log


Bell MP3 is from

log notes:

log on

  • reload
  • create
  • destroy
  • stop
  • start
  • merge
  • shift
  • freeze
  • edit title/description

log to localstorage log time | action | title

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