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We will create a trivia game!

1/ when the page is loaded, instructions appear with a button start 2/we use Api to provide questions 3/when user press start button he gets a question randomly 4/2options true or false (button answer) 5/on press button answer we get userInput 6/compare userInput to the answer and provide feedback to user with changing the background color of the button, RED: Wrong answer / GREEN: Correct answer 7/transition to next question same process for each question 8/ after 40 questions, stop the game

============TO-DO LIST============== JS // Feedback // give feedback for answered question // delay the question from appearing CSS // Height of the sectionQuestions // Button animations ACCESSIBILITY // Focus/Hover // aria-live RESPONSIVE // Footer //

====Stretch goal=== add timer The user can pause the game but he will loose point each 5 sec paused firebase


============CLICK EVENTS=============

=========FUNCTIONS TO MAKE============

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