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-Playground for gesture recognizers. Might rule. Might suck. We shall see.
+Playground for gesture recognizers. Might rule. Might suck.
+Here it is in action:
+![Gesture Lab in Action](
+Tap-and drag in the "Gesture Here" area. Anything logged by the program, such
+as NSLogs from the gesture recognizers, gets put into a scrolling text field. The
+active gesture recognizers are on a timeline at the top.
+When you're done tapping and dragging, you can replay the events by dragging around in
+the timeline, seeing the different parts of the getures being drawn, in a different
+color for each finger/drag combination.
+Got a recognizier firing early? You can see what the tap-track looked like that might
+have confused thing. Ever wondered what a cat print looks like? Start this running
+and let a cat walk across the iPad.
+A description of the logging hijacking will appear on the Big Nerd Ranch blog.

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