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Yet another bitmap font generator.

Utility for create texture atlases with bitmap chars from FreeType,TrueType and some other font formats.

Current state: alpha

Downloads : from github Support : forum theme (russian)

Program features that make it outstanding comparing to other programs:

  • distrubution method (open source,MIT License)
  • cross-platform ( Qt, Freetype )
  • many settings (functionality is based on FontBuilderBeta )
  • extensibility - as a consequence of the distribution method


  • scanning fonts folder
  • parameters of generation
  • bitmap export to png, tga formats, user bitmap formats support
  • description file export in a couple of formats
  • 2 types of packing into bitmap (line, box layout)
  • font image preview
  • auto re-loading of changed bitmap
  • saving the whole working session
  • font view testing (both original bitmap and edited)
  • kerning support
  • selection of characters set from the char map

what next?:

  • export of font description into the formats of popular game frameworks (CEGUI,HGE,PopCapFramework)

why here?:

  • create export into your description formats, share it, use it
  • testing, suggestions on functionality expansion

screen1 screen2


qmake && make