A sample app to demonstrate various useful Redux techniques, accompanying the blog series at http://blog.isquaredsoftware.com/series/practical-redux
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Project Mini-Mek

A sample application to accompany the Practical Redux blog series by Mark Erikson, demonstrating various useful Redux techniques.

This is a miniature version of the MekHQ Battletech campaign force manager tool. The tentative list of planned features includes:

  • Load JSON data describing the pilots and Battlemechs in a combat force
  • For both pilots and Battlemechs:
    • Show a list of all items
    • Allow selection of an item in the list, and show details of the selected item
  • Edit the details for a pilot
  • Organize the pilots and their mechs into "lances" of four mechs, and the "lances" into a "company" of three lances.
  • Add and remove pilots and mechs from the force
  • Save the force back out to JSON

Please feel free to discuss implementation questions in both issues and pull requests! I'm happy to talk about why I did things a certain way.