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Side Effects - Other Approaches

Reducer-Based Effects

  • redux-loop
    Sequence your effects naturally and purely by returning them from your reducers. Also returns descriptive objects, which are executed later.

  • redux-side-effect-reducers
    Library that enable returning of effects in reducers for redux library

  • redux-side-effect
    Side Effect middleware for Redux. Lets you specify side effects in your reducing function that dispatch new actions.

  • redux-elmish
    The Elm Architecture in Redux, statically checked using flow. Attempts to be as close as possible to Elm Architecture in means of composition and static typing, and not lose Redux good parts (devtools) in the process.

  • redux-funk
    Enables you to declaratively specify effects in Redux reducers. You can use it to express in reducers not just what should happen, but also, what should happen next, while keeping reducers pure. Similar to Redux Loop, but the implementation is much simpler and shorter, and it enables you to program with reducers without having to worry about lifting effects.

  • redux-funk-immutable
    A tiny lib for creating Redux Funk that operate on Immutable JS maps

  • redux-reducer-effects
    Redux enhancer which adds support for managed effects to the reducer, allowing you to return side effects as data in your reducer function.

  • side-effects
    Adds side-effects to redux, heavily inspired by redux-loop. I rewrote it because of the lack of documentation, the lack of typescript definitions, and the fact that testability has been dropped. The only reason why you'd want to return a side effect from your reducer rather than just making a side effect happen is so that you can test them. This library also decouples the effect result from the description of the effect.

  • redux-reducer-side-effects
    Easy to follow side effect library for redux reducers. Primary goal of this library is to introduce safe side effects in a powerful way, but be simple to read, understand, and implement.

  • redux-data-fx
    Declarative Side Effects for Redux. Similar to redux-loop, mostly inspired by the elm architecture, with an implementation based on re-frame in cljs and its effectful handlers.