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mcForum is a new forum engine designed to be very fast and very efficient. Public Domain.
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mcForum v0.88 By Martin A. COLEMAN.

Renamed from mforum due to another forum engine, written in PHP, also called mforum.
See source for Change Log.

Dedicated to the Public Domain. See UNLICENSE for details.

To build, make sure qdecoder is nearby, and the SQLite3 developer sources are available.

You can compile this with any ANSI C compiler. Something along the lines of:
$CC -o index.cgi main.c smtp/smtpfuncs.c -lsqlite3 -Iqdecoder/src/ qdecoder/src/libqdecoder.a -lm
where $CC is your favourite C compiler. GCC, TCC and Clang have been tested.
Debian Linux and FreeBSD are fully supported.

Once compiled, copy index.cgi and retro.css to a folder accessible by the web server.
Using SQLite3, create forum.sq3 just outside the forum folder. eg: "sqlite3 forum.sq3 < db.sql"
Make sure forum.sq3 has user and group read-write permissions by the user of the web server. This is www-data under Debian and may be named after the web server under other Linux distros, such as lighttpd under Gentoo for the lighttpd software.
Add index.cgi to the list of default index pages that your web server attempts. Restart the web service if necessary.
You can now go to the URL that would be seen from that folder and you should be able to access index.cgi.
Try creating a new user.

Special Thanks to:
qdecoder ( - An excellent public domain C library for CGI handling.
sqlite3 ( - A brilliant public domain database engine.
smtp library ( - A handy little library of SMTP functions.

Feedback, comments, suggestions, etc can be made at the mcForum discussion forum:
or on GitHub at
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