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/* this file contains the actual definitions of */
/* the IIDs and CLSIDs */
/* link this file in with the server and any clients */
/* File created by MIDL compiler version 5.01.0164 */
/* at Tue Nov 12 22:17:55 2002
/* Compiler settings for X:\Dev\Code\x86Win32\WickedWidgets\WickedWidgets.idl:
Oicf (OptLev=i2), W1, Zp8, env=Win32, ms_ext, c_ext
error checks: allocation ref bounds_check enum stub_data
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C"{
#ifndef __IID_DEFINED__
#define __IID_DEFINED__
typedef struct _IID
unsigned long x;
unsigned short s1;
unsigned short s2;
unsigned char c[8];
} IID;
#endif // __IID_DEFINED__
typedef IID CLSID;
const IID LIBID_WICKEDWIDGETSLib = {0xA9D37DEE,0x0DC6,0x4184,{0xB7,0xF6,0xB6,0x20,0xC6,0xC6,0xFE,0x10}};
const IID IID_ISlider = {0x919CD83E,0x8C26,0x4225,{0x82,0xFA,0x15,0x52,0x71,0xA8,0x3F,0xD9}};
const IID DIID__ISliderEvents = {0x2E21633E,0xABCF,0x4721,{0x8D,0x24,0xFB,0x91,0xE0,0x78,0xB9,0x00}};
const IID IID_ILabel = {0xA25C9525,0xB0F6,0x4592,{0x9E,0xC3,0x7E,0x25,0x46,0xBB,0x10,0x4F}};
const CLSID CLSID_Slider = {0x0786F8E0,0xB105,0x4325,{0xB9,0x37,0x6A,0xBC,0x69,0x6C,0xC8,0x4E}};
const IID DIID__ILabelEvents = {0xB5A91EC1,0x54BE,0x4D9A,{0x99,0xBC,0x67,0x12,0xE0,0xC9,0x96,0x2D}};
const IID IID_IBitmapButton = {0x6B4C25EA,0x25C9,0x4EA9,{0x85,0x79,0xCE,0x47,0x73,0x8D,0x68,0xDC}};
const CLSID CLSID_Label = {0x9169C532,0xE257,0x42AD,{0x80,0x90,0xF0,0x04,0xC1,0x86,0xD6,0x9B}};
const IID DIID__IBitmapButtonEvents = {0x4AAEF167,0xCA19,0x4FEF,{0xB8,0x1B,0x00,0x08,0x19,0x0D,0x5C,0xC0}};
const IID IID_IWindowSkinner = {0xE38DBFF6,0xD23F,0x4BC3,{0x8C,0x91,0x23,0xD3,0x46,0x54,0x4D,0x00}};
const CLSID CLSID_BitmapButtonBar = {0xF00E1EF5,0x83A8,0x4DAC,{0xB9,0x9E,0x82,0xAE,0x13,0x8E,0xA9,0x59}};
const CLSID CLSID_WindowSkinner = {0xF4D720E4,0xAF5D,0x431A,{0x8E,0x14,0x44,0x49,0x67,0x92,0xF0,0xFB}};
#ifdef __cplusplus
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