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Update Tailwind CSS config file for v2.0
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jhauraw committed Sep 23, 2020
1 parent c47e011 commit b1b38954ad89fc7c44157c0f445d681cd5aa74a0
Showing 1 changed file with 5 additions and 0 deletions.
@@ -1,6 +1,10 @@
const defaultTheme = require('tailwindcss/defaultTheme')

module.exports = {
future: {
purgeLayersByDefault: true,
removeDeprecatedGapUtilities: true,
target: ['relaxed', {
transform: 'ie11',
backgroundColor: 'ie11',
@@ -10,6 +14,7 @@ module.exports = {
divideColor: 'ie11',
purge: {
layers: ['components', 'utilities'],
content: ['./*(layouts|content|data|static)/**/*.*(html|toml|md)'],
options: {
whitelist: ['static', 'relative', 'absolute', 'block', 'hidden', 'inline-block', 'inline-block', 'inline', 'flex', 'flex-none', 'flex-1', 'flex-grow', 'justify-center', 'table', 'float-left', 'float-right', 'text-left', 'text-center', 'text-right', 'text-justify', 'font-basic-sans', 'font-content-sans', 'font-content-serif', 'font-content-title', 'text-sm', 'text-base', 'text-lg', 'text-xl', 'text-2xl', 'text-40', 'lowercase', 'uppercase', 'tracking-default', 'align-text-bottom', 'font-sans', 'font-serif', 'font-mono', 'font-light', 'font-normal', 'font-medium', 'font-semibold', 'font-bold', 'leading-tight', 'mt-0', 'mt-1', 'mt-3', 'mt-4', 'mt-8', 'mt-9', 'mt-10', 'mx-4', 'mx-8', 'ml-3', 'ml-4', 'mr-3', 'mr-4', 'max-w-680', 'max-w-2xl', 'max-w-3xl', 'max-w-4xl', 'max-w-5xl', 'max-w-6xl', 'min-w-0', 'w-auto', 'fill-current', 'text-gray-500', 'text-gray-600', 'text-raven-800', 'text-raven-900a', 'first:mt-0', 'sm:mt-0', 'sm:ml-4', 'sm:ml-8', 'sm:mr-4', 'sm:mr-8', 'sm:flex', 'sm:flex-grow', 'sm:justify-center', 'sm:max-w-680', 'sm:max-w-2xl', 'sm:max-w-3xl', 'sm:max-w-4xl', 'sm:max-w-5xl', 'sm:max-w-6xl'],

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