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Figma copies by marketgoo



  1. Create a Google Spreadsheet document with two columns. One for the copy id and other for the text.
  2. Publish the document to web, and copy the public URL.
  3. Run the plugin in Figma and paste the public URL.
  4. All text layers with the same name of any copy id will be updated with the copy text.

Other features:

  • If the text contains a {{ varname }} pattern, you can replace this variable with a value
  • If the text contains any html code, like Hello <strong>world</strong>, it will be used to maintain the multiple styles in the same layer.

Development guide

This plugin is built with Create Figma Plugin.


Build the plugin

To build the plugin:

$ npm run build

This will generate a manifest.json file and a build/ directory containing the JavaScript bundle(s) for the plugin.

To watch for code changes and rebuild the plugin automatically:

$ npm run watch

Install the plugin

  1. In the Figma desktop app, open a Figma document.
  2. Search for and run Import plugin from manifest… via the Quick Actions search bar.
  3. Select the manifest.json file that was generated by the build script.


Use console.log statements to inspect values in your code.

To open the developer console, search for and run Open Console via the Quick Actions search bar.