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GitHub Action

Automated releases for npm packages.

v4.0.7 Latest version
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Automated releases for npm packages.

Release npm package based on commit metadata


Copy and paste the following snippet into your .yml file.

- name: Automated releases for npm packages.
  uses: mikeal/merge-release@v4.0.7
Learn more about this action in mikeal/merge-release
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GitHub Action for automated npm publishing.

This Action publishes a package to npm. It is meant to be used on every successful merge to master but you'll need to configure that workflow yourself. You can look to the .github/workflows/push.yml file in this project as an example.


  • Check for the latest version number published to npm.
  • Lookup all commits between the git commit that triggered the action and the latest publish.
    • If the package hasn't been published or the prior publish does not include a git hash, we'll only pull the commit data that triggered the action.
  • Based on the commit messages, increment the version from the lastest release.
    • If the string "BREAKING CHANGE" is found anywhere in any of the commit messages or descriptions the major version will be incremented.
    • If a commit message begins with the string "feat" then the minor version will be increased. This works for most common commit metadata for feature additions: "feat: new API" and "feature: new API".
    • All other changes will increment the patch version.
  • Publish to npm using the configured token.
  • Push a tag for the new version to GitHub.
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