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Checks App Compliance Scan

v1.0.1 Latest version

Checks App Compliance Scan


Checks App Compliance Scan

Scan your Android or iOS app with Checks to detect and discover compliance issues.


Copy and paste the following snippet into your .yml file.


- name: Checks App Compliance Scan

uses: google-checks/checks-app-scan-github-action@v1.0.1

Learn more about this action in google-checks/checks-app-scan-github-action

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Scan your mobile app with Google Checks

This GitHub Action scans your mobile app using Google Checks to uncover compliance issues and data collection/sharing behaviors.

Checks is a compliance platform from Google for mobile app developers that simplifies the path to privacy for development teams and the apps they’re building. Learn more at



Read our developer document at


Name Type Required Description
account_id string Yes Checks account ID from Checks settings page
app_id string Yes Checks application ID
binary_path string Yes path to the application archive: .apk, .aab or .ipa
service_account_base64 string Yes base 64 encoded content of your service account. Please refer to Authenticate Checks with a service account to generate a service account and to storing Base64 binary blobs as secrets
generate_report boolean False Default to true. If false the action won't upload the binary_path to checks. It is useful to test your authentication and other paramaters.
wait_for_report boolean true If false, the action won't wait for the report completion and the pipeline will keep going.
severity_threshold string Valid values are: PRIORITY POTENTIAL OPPORTUNITY
fail_on string If ALL, then action will fail if there are any failed checks following severity_threshold condition. It won't fail by default.


- uses: google-checks/checks-app-scan-github-action@latest
    account_id: "1234567890"
    app_id: "1234590"
    binary_path: "./example-app.apk"
    service_account_base64: ${{ secrets.CHECKS_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_B64 }}
    generate_report: true