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GitHub Action

DataDog Event Trigger

1.0.3 Latest version
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DataDog Event Trigger

Trigger DataDog Events from GitHub Actions


Copy and paste the following snippet into your .yml file.

- name: DataDog Event Trigger
  uses: jordan-simonovski/datadog-event-action@1.0.3
Learn more about this action in jordan-simonovski/datadog-event-action
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🐶 DataDog Events - GitHub Action

A GitHub Action that triggers DataDog Events.


- name: DataDog Event
  uses: jordan-simonovski/datadog-event-action@1.0.3
    DATADOG_API_KEY: ${{ secrets.DD_API_KEY }}
    EVENT_TITLE: Build Succeeded
    EVENT_TEXT: We did it! 🎉
    EVENT_PRIORITY: (Can be one of normal or low. Default: normal)
    EVENT_TAGS: (optional)
    EVENT_ALERT_TYPE: (Can be one of error, warning, info, or success. Default: info)

Event Tags

Event Tags should be an array of different key/value pairs.


EVENT_TAGS: "['app:test','env:production']"
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