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Files Sync Action

v1.4.1 Latest version
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Files Sync Action

Copies files from the action's environment (or any other repo) to many other repos


Copy and paste the following snippet into your .yml file.

- name: Files Sync Action
  uses: adrianjost/files-sync-action@v1.4.1
Learn more about this action in adrianjost/files-sync-action
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Files Sync Action

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A Github Action that can sync files from one repository to many others. This action allows a maintainer to define community health files in a single repository and have them synced to all other repositories in the Github organization or beyond. You could sync common GitHub Action Workflows, your LICENSE or any other file you can imagine. Regex is used to select the files. Exclude is currently not supported and it is recommended to use a bot user if possible.



Required Token to use to get repos and write secrets. ${{secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN}} will not work.


Configurable GitHub Server (to support GitHub Enterprise deployments). If not specified, will default to Should not include http(s)://. Should also not include trailing / character.


Source of truth for all files to sync. If files get added, modified or deleted here, those changes will be synced to all TARGET_REPOS. Defaults to the workflows repository ($GITHUB_REPOSITORY). A custom branch can be defined by adding the branchname after a colon behind the SRC_REPO. repoSlug or repoSlug:branchName


Required New line deliminated list of repositories. Repositories are limited to those in which the token user is an owner or collaborator. A custom branch can be defined for each repo by adding the branchname after a colon behind the repoSlug. repoSlug or repoSlug:branchName. The custom branch must already exist in the target repo.


Required New line deliminated regex expressions to select files from the source repository. All matching files in the target repository will be

  1. deleted if not present in the SRC_REPO, and SKIP_DELETE is false
  2. overwritten from the SRC_REPO if they already exist in the TARGET_REPO
  3. created in the TARGET_REPO, if they do not exist yet there.

All filepaths start at the repository root without a leading slash. The delimiter between path segments is always a forward slash.


Prepends this to all filepaths in the source repository. Defaults to /.


Prepends this to all filepaths in the target repository. It is the same for all target repositories and cannot be adjusted on a per repo basis. Defaults to /.


The commit message that will be used to commit the changed files. Check the README for all interpolation options. You can interpolate values by using placeholders in the form of %KEY% where key can be one of the following items:

key description
SRC_REPO The value from the according action input.
TARGET_REPO The current repo to commit into

You need more? Let me know by opening an issue here. I will do my best to add them.


Will omit all delete operations for matching files present in TARGET_REPO but not existant in SRC_REPO if set to true. Defaults to false.


Will omit all write operations for matching files present in SRC_REPO and TARGET_REPO if set to true. Defaults to false.


The working directory where all sync operations will be done. Defaults to tmp-${}


If set to true or 1, the cleanup step to remove the temporary workding directory at the end will be skipped. Usefull for debugging purposes. Defaults to false.


The e-mail address used to commit the synced files. Defaults to ${process.env.GITHUB_ACTOR}


The username used to commit the synced files. Defaults to process.env.GITHUB_ACTOR.


Run everything except for secret create and update functionality. Defaults to false.


uses: adrianjost/files-sync-action@v1.0.1

See the workflows in this repository for another example.

Planned Features

Local Testing

Create ./test.js with the following content to execute the code locally.

process.env.INPUT_SRC_REPO = "adrianjost/files-sync-action";
process.env.INPUT_TARGET_REPOS = "adrianjost/files-sync-target";
process.env.INPUT_FILE_PATTERNS = "^$";
process.env.INPUT_SKIP_CLEANUP = "false";
process.env.GITHUB_ACTOR = "adrianjost";
process.env.INPUT_DRY_RUN = "true";