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GitHub Action

GitHub Action for Maven

1.1.0 Latest version
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GitHub Action for Maven

Wraps the Maven CLI to enable Maven commands


Copy and paste one of the following snippets.

If you have a .workflow file:

action "GitHub Action for Maven" {
  uses = "LucaFeger/action-maven-cli@1.1.0"

If you have a .yml file:

- name: GitHub Action for Maven
  uses: LucaFeger/action-maven-cli@1.1.0
Learn more about this action in LucaFeger/action-maven-cli
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GitHub Action for the Maven CLI

The GitHub Action for Maven wraps the Maven CLI to enable Maven commands to be run. This can be used to run every Maven Command.


action "package" {
  uses = "LucaFeger/action-maven-cli@master"
  args = "clean install"


The Dockerfile and associated scripts and documentation in this project are released under the MIT License.

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