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GraphQL Inspector

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GraphQL Inspector

Tooling for GraphQL. Compare schemas, find breaking changes, find similar types


Copy and paste the following snippet into your .yml file.

- name: GraphQL Inspector
  uses: kamilkisiela/graphql-inspector@v2.6.2
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GraphQL Inspector outputs a list of changes between two GraphQL schemas. Every change is precisely explained and marked as breaking, non-breaking or dangerous. It helps you validate documents and fragments against a schema and even find similar or duplicated types.

Use GraphQL Inspector however you want:


  • Compares schemas
  • Detect breaking or dangerous changes
  • Schema change notifications
  • Use serverless functions validate changes
  • Validates Operations and Fragments against a schema
  • Finds similar / duplicated types
  • Schema coverage based on Operations and Fragments
  • Serves a GraphQL server with faked data and GraphiQL
  • Docker Image

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Installation and Usage

Visit our website to learn more about the project.


Documentation is available at


Some part of the library was ported to NodeJS from Ruby's GraphQL Schema Comparator


Contributions, issues and feature requests are very welcome. If you are using this package and fixed a bug for yourself, please consider submitting a PR!

And if this is your first time contributing to this project, please do read our Contributor Workflow Guide before you get started off.

Code of Conduct

Help us keep GraphQL Inspector open and inclusive. Please read and follow our Code of Conduct as adopted from Contributor Covenant


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