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GitHub Action for Building a Hugo Site


Copy and paste the following snippet into your .yml file.

- name: Hugo-Site
  uses: chabad360/hugo-actions@1.0.0
Learn more about this action in chabad360/hugo-actions
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Image Credit: Peaceiris

Image Credit: Peaceiris

Build Your Hugo Site in GitHub Actions

gohugoio/hugo: The world’s fastest framework for building websites

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This action builds your Hugo Site using the latest Hugo Extended.

This action also contains support for several external Hugo Helpers:

Name Support
reStructuredText ✔️
Pandoc ✔️
Asciidoctor ✔️
PostCSS ✔️
Pygments ✔️

If your site requires the use of another external helper, submit an issue and I'll try to add it.

⚠️ Note: To use this action, you must have applied to the GitHub Actions public beta. You can apply here.

⭐ Getting started

This is a basic workflow.yml to get you started (for more information scroll down to ⭐ Inputs):

name: Build Site

      - master

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest

      - name: Checkout Repo
        uses: actions/checkout@master
          submodules: true
      - name: Build Site
        uses: chabad360/hugo-actions@master

⭐ Inputs

Key Description Required Default
buildPath The path to build the site into. public
hugoVersion The version Hugo to use (append extended_ to the begining to use the extended version). Latest Hugo Extended
args Arguments to pass to Hugo --gc --minify --cleanDestinationDir


- name: Publish Site
  uses: chabad360/hugo-actions@master
    buildPath: 'public'
    # Use if you have a need to build the site to another directory
    hugoVersion: 'extended_0.58.3'
    # Use if your site requires a specific version of Hugo
    # Append "extended_" to the begining to use Hugo Extended
    args: --gc --minify --cleanDestinationDir
    # Use if you want to pass some custom arguments to Hugo

⭐ Credit

This project is partially based on mattbailey/actions-hugo

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