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GitHub Action

psake task

v1.2.1 Latest version

psake GitHub Action

This official psake GitHub Action allow you to run psake tasks as part of your GitHub workflow.



Runs one or more psake tasks defined in a psakeFile.ps1 in the root of the repository. The file containing your psake tasks can be overridden via environment variables.

Success Criteria

This action succeeds if the psake task(s) complete without error.


action "psake test" {
    # Replace <latest tag> with the latest tag from
    uses = "devblackops/psake-github-action@<latest tag>"

    # If you need to change the default psakeFile name, PSDepend requirements file,
    # or skip requirements installation entirely, specify here.
    # See Environment Variables below for details.
    env = {
        PSAKE_FILE = "./psakeFile.ps1"

    # The psake task(s) to execute
    args = ["Test"]

Environment Variables

Name Default Description
PSAKE_FILE "./psakeFile.ps1" The default psake task file to execute
PSDEPEND_FILE "./requirements.psd1" The default PSDepend file to install dependencies from
SKIP_REQS "false" Set to "true" to skip installing dependencies via PSDepend


Arguments to the Task action determine what psake tasks to execute. By default, psake will execute a task called Default that is defined in the psakeFile.

Execute the test psake task.

action "psake test" {
    args = ["Test"]

Execute the init, build, and test psake tasks.

action "psake test" {
    args = ["init, build, test"]
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