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Release Commenter

v1.3.2 Latest version

Release Commenter


Release Commenter

Comment on PRs and Issues when a fix is released


Copy and paste the following snippet into your .yml file.


- name: Release Commenter

uses: apexskier/github-release-commenter@v1.3.2

Learn more about this action in apexskier/github-release-commenter
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Release Commenter

This GitHub Action automatically comments on and/or labels Issues and PRs when a fix is released for them.

How it works

Use this action in a workflow triggered by a release. It will scan commits between that and the prior release, find associated Issues and PRs, and comment on them to let people know a release has been made. Associated Issues and PRs can be directly linked to the commit or manually linked from a PR associated with the commit.



A GitHub personal access token with repo scope, such as secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN.

comment-template (optional)

Override the comment posted on Issues and PRs. Set to the empty string to disable commenting. The string {release_link} will be replaced with a markdown link to the release. {release_name} will be replaced with the release's name. {release_tag} will be replaced with the release's tag.

label-template (optional)

Add the given label. Multiple labels can be separated by commas. {release_name} will be replaced with the release's name. {release_tag} will be replaced with the release's tag.

skip-label (optional)

Skip processing if any of the given labels are present. Same processing rules as label-template. Default is "dependencies".


    types: [published]

      - uses: apexskier/github-release-commenter@v1
          GITHUB_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}
          comment-template: |
            Release {release_link} addresses this.

Known limitations

These are some known limitations of this action. I'd like to try to address them in the future.

  • Non-linear releases aren't supported. For example, releasing a patch to a prior major release after a new major release has been bumped.
  • Non-sequential releases aren't supported. For example, if you release multiple prereleases between two official releases, this will only create a comment for the first prerelease in which a fix is released, not the final release.
  • The first release for a project will be ignored. This is intentional, as the use case is unlikely. Most projects will either have several alphas that don't need release comments, or won't use issues/PRs for the first commit.
  • If a large number of things are commented on, you may see the error Error: You have triggered an abuse detection mechanism. Please wait a few minutes before you try again.. Consider using the skip-label input to reduce your load on the GitHub API.


Workflows will automatically update the tags v1 and latest, allowing you to reference one of those instead of locking to a specific release.