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GitHub Action

Scope for Swift

1.4.5 Latest version
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Scope for Swift

Automatically instruments and runs your tests using the Scope Swift agent


Copy and paste the following snippet into your .yml file.

- name: Scope for Swift
  uses: undefinedlabs/scope-for-swift-action@1.4.5
Learn more about this action in undefinedlabs/scope-for-swift-action
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Scope for Swift Action

GitHub Action to run your tests automatically instrumented with the Scope Swift agent. It supports Xcode projects as well as Swift Package Manager packages for iOS, macOS or tvOS platforms.

About Scope

Scope gives developers production-level visibility on every test for every app – spanning mobile, monoliths, and microservices.


  1. Set Scope DSN inside Settings > Secrets as SCOPE_DSN.

  2. Add a step to your GitHub Actions workflow YAML that uses this action:

      - name: Checkout
        uses: actions/checkout@v1
      - name: Scope for Swift
        uses: undefinedlabs/scope-for-swift-action@v1
          dsn: ${{ secrets.SCOPE_DSN }} #required


These are the optional parameters of the action:

platform: Platform to run: "ios", "macos" or "tvos". By default: "ios"
workspace: .xcworkspace file, if not set, workspace will be autoselected
project:  .xcodeproj file, if not set, project will be autoselected
scheme: Scheme to test, if not set, scheme will be autoselected
configuration: configuration for testing, by default: 'Debug'
sdk:  Sdk used for building, by default: 'iphonesimulator' will be used
destination: destination for testing, by default: 'platform=iOS Simulator,name=iPhone 11'
agentVersion: Version of the Scope agent to use for testing, by default the latest stable
codePath: Enable Codepath functionality, false by default
extraParameters: These input will be added directly to the build/test command
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