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GitHub Action

Send email

v3.12.0 Latest version

Send email


Send email

Send an email to multiple recipients


Copy and paste the following snippet into your .yml file.


- name: Send email

uses: dawidd6/action-send-mail@v3.12.0

Learn more about this action in dawidd6/action-send-mail

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Send mail GitHub Action

An action that simply sends a mail to multiple recipients.

Some features:

  • plain text body
  • HTML body
  • multipart body (plain text + HTML)
  • Markdown to HTML converting (use html_body, not body)
  • file attachments (supports globbing)


- name: Send mail
  uses: dawidd6/action-send-mail@v3
    # Specify connection via URL (replaces server_address, server_port, secure,
    # username and password)
    # Format:
    #  * smtp://user:password@server:port
    #  * smtp+starttls://user:password@server:port
    connection_url: ${{secrets.MAIL_CONNECTION}}
    # Required mail server address if not connection_url:
    # Server port, default 25:
    server_port: 465
    # Optional whether this connection use TLS (default is true if server_port is 465)
    secure: true
    # Optional (recommended) mail server username:
    username: ${{secrets.MAIL_USERNAME}}
    # Optional (recommended) mail server password:
    password: ${{secrets.MAIL_PASSWORD}}
    # Required mail subject:
    subject: Github Actions job result
    # Required recipients' addresses:
    # Required sender full name (address can be skipped):
    from: Luke Skywalker # <>
    # Optional plain body:
    body: Build job of ${{github.repository}} completed successfully!
    # Optional HTML body read from file:
    html_body: file://README.html
    # Optional carbon copy recipients:
    # Optional blind carbon copy recipients:
    # Optional recipient of the email response:
    # Optional Message ID this message is replying to:
    in_reply_to: <>
    # Optional unsigned/invalid certificates allowance:
    ignore_cert: true
    # Optional converting Markdown to HTML (set content_type to text/html too):
    convert_markdown: true
    # Optional attachments:
    # Optional priority: 'high', 'normal' (default) or 'low'
    priority: low
    # Optional nodemailerlog: true/false
    nodemailerlog: false
    # Optional nodemailerdebug: true/false if true lognodem will also be set true
    nodemailerdebug: false



Instead of using your normal Google password, use an App password.

  1. Enable 2-Step Verification.. This is needed to create an App password.
  2. Create an App password for Mail.

Unauthenticated login (username/password fields)

The parameters username and password are set as optional to support self-hosted runners access to on-premise infrastructure. If you are accessing public email servers make sure you provide a username/password authentication through GitHub Secrets to make the email delivery secure.