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GitHub Action

Setup Arduino CLI

v1.1.1 Latest version
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Setup Arduino CLI

Download Arduino CLI and add it to the PATH


Copy and paste the following snippet into your .yml file.

- name: Setup Arduino CLI
  uses: arduino/setup-arduino-cli@v1.1.1
Learn more about this action in arduino/setup-arduino-cli
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Actions Status

This action makes the arduino-cli tool available to Workflows.


To get the latest stable version of arduino-cli just add this step:

- name: Install Arduino CLI
  uses: arduino/setup-arduino-cli@v1

If you want to pin a major or minor version you can use the .x wildcard:

- name: Install Arduino CLI
  uses: arduino/setup-arduino-cli@v1
    version: "0.x"

To pin the exact version:

- name: Install Arduino CLI
  uses: arduino/setup-arduino-cli@v1
    version: "0.5.0"


Here there is a good example on how to use the action. See also the Arduino on GitHub Actions blogpost to learn more.


To work on the codebase you have to install all the dependencies:

# npm install

To run tests set the environment variable GITHUB_TOKEN with a valid Personal Access Token and then:

# npm run test

See the official Github documentation to know more about Personal Access Tokens.


  1. npm install to add all the dependencies, included development.
  2. npm run build to build the Action under the ./lib folder.
  3. npm run test to see everything works as expected.
  4. npm run pack to package for distribution
  5. git add src dist to check in the code that matters.
  6. If the release will increment the major version, update the action refs in the examples in (e.g., uses: arduino/setup-arduino-cli@v1 -> uses: arduino/setup-arduino-cli@v2).
  7. open a PR and request a review.
  8. After PR is merged, create a release, following the vX.Y.Z tag name convention.
  9. After the release, rebase the release branch for that major version (e.g., v1 branch for the v1.x.x tags) on the tag. If no branch exists for the release's major version, create one.


If you think you found a vulnerability or other security-related bug in this project, please read our security policy and report the bug to our Security Team 🛡️ Thank you!

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